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Peak Latin Dance

Now known as afinké dance company

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Peak Latin Dance
Youth Program

Here at Peak Latin Dance we created a youth program that will not only teach the fundamentals and technique of salsa but introduce the art form while building on social skills and self-confidence. 

Our classes are structured for easy learning while keeping it fun for all levels. 

To the parents, we are dedicated to the growth of your children both mentally and physically. Salsa will enhance their coordination, posture, style and flexibility.  Our number one goal is to build on their self-esteem and make their dance experience with us a meaningful one. 

You won't regret enrolling into our program. 

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Elie began his dance journey in 2000 where he received his initial training right here at Peak Performing Arts Center. By introducing dance into his life, Peak PAC played a pivotal role in forming who Elie is as an adult today. As dance had been both a source of happiness and joy, as well as support during more difficult times, Elie’s main goal is to not only share knowledge and technique, but to share the same joy and passion into today’s youth. This is truly a full circle moment for him.


Elie has travelled throughout the country during his dance career which spanned multiple disciplines including salsa/mambo, ballet, jazz, tap, among other styles. Currently, Elie is an instructor at Peak Latin Dance and is a part of Eleanee Jimenez’s semi-pro Dancing Lashes salsa team.

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Elie Rosales
Youth Program Director


Mambo Madness (Ages 6-10) - Tuesdays @ 6:00pm

Mambo Mania (Ages 11-17) - Fridays @ 6:00pm

Monthly Rate - $70 


No Registration Fee! 


New Cycle begins on January 4th! 

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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